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  Quotes and opinions

It really does make us proud, that the lineGrip is already now, after starting sale in Mai 2010, an indispensable standard equipment of many famous and very successful slackliners and slackline professionals. The feedback from slackliners around the globe has so far been consistently positive, but the thanks and praise, which we experienced at the Outdoor-Show in Friedrichshafen was simply overwhelming! Thank you all so much!

We are very grateful, that we may publish a photograph and a short quote from some of the prominent lineGrip users on this website.

This is what some of todays top slackliners say about the lineGrip:
(German quotes were translated to English)

andy lewis linegrip
"The lineGrip is the missing link for slackine rigging. When used with a lineLock on either side of your system, you have perfect lines... everytime! I love it!"

"Sketchy" Andy Lewis (Skandy), US
Professional Slackliner and "Slacklife" Originator
Andy Lewis Wikipedia Article
Super Bowl Madonna-Half-Time-Show Star
Guinness World Record Holder (most surfs on slackline)
Gibbon Wold Cup Winner 2010
3x World Champion in Tricklining
First ever to land a backflip on a slackline (2006)
  bernd hassmann linegrip
"The lineGrip is a really brilliant device... attach to line, tighten, remove and you're done!"

Bernd Hassmann, DE
Wetten-Dass Wettkönig
Winner King Of Slackline 2009
  alpha mike payton linegrip
"Its the final piece of equipment to complete any slackline setup; the piece we've all been waiting for!"

"Alpha" Mike Payton, US
World Champion 2011
3rd beim WorldCup 2011
3rd beim WorldCup Bregenz 2011
3rd beim WorldCup München
Winner of ISPO 2010 Slackline Challenge


jan galek linegrip
"I'm really happy that someone finally came up with this idea; because of the lineGrip I can take less equipment to set up more lines in a shorter time!"

Jan Galek, PL
Highline professional
Pioneer for Polish slacklining
  faith dickey linegrip
"There is nothing more beautiful then the simplicity of having only the line from anchor to anchor, and the linegrip makes this possible!"

Faith Dickey, US
Womens longline & highline world record holder
Volvo Truck Commercial (Ballerina Stunt) Akteurin
Womens highline pioneer
"Everyone had been talking about this idea for a long time, and finally slackPro made all our lives that much easier. "

Jordan Tybon, US
Passionate slackliner & slackline photographer
Editor of "slacklife magazine"


bernhard witz linegrip
"The lineGrip really facilitates rigging of long highlines!"

Bernhard Witz, CH
Highline professional
  jerry miszewski linegrip
"I absolutely LOVE the lineGrip! I think it's the most innovative piece of gear introduced to slacklining since someone had the idea to walk on webbing!"

Jerry Miszewski, US
Slackline professional
Former highline worldrecord holder (95m)


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