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Welcome to slackPro!

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Klick here for further details about the free exchange of clamping plates for the G2 lineGrips (lineGrip-15 and -22).

This website has been fully dedicated to longlining. While founding the company slackPro! in the spring of 2009, we found numerous websites on the subject slacklining, but none of them covered the subject longline intensively, or has even been dedicated solely to longlining. This has changed drastically up until today. Slacklining in general and its three main categories Trickline, Highline and Longline are now an integral part of society worldwide.

We were the first manufacturer (as far as we know), to offer and sell in large quantity ready to setup longline kits. The first full-blown slackPro!-Longline kit was sold on April 28th 2009 - a 100m kit by the way - regularily to a new german based customer over the internet. Today we are proud to have thousands of satisfied and enthusiastic longliners and highliners worldwide among our customers. Since the first kit we have continuously been honing the techniques and optimizing the safety, convenience and simplicity. The crowning result and the current head of the longline technique can be found in the slackPro!-Longline Kits Generation 10.

Our mission:

Longlining shall become popular
and shall be possible for everyone interested!


Please see for yourself, that with slackPro!-Methods and equipment every experienced slackliner even with a small budget is able to safely and easily rig an up to 100m longline, without prior longline knowledge, in a short time and all alone (without further assistance)...

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