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   Product Support

Exchange of the slipping or peeling rubber coatings

Concerns the lineGrip G2 ONLY!!!    >>>>

(All devices that were shipped before September 2010)

Shipping of the free exchange clamping jaws for the Series 01 and 02 lineGrips has begun on June 20th 2011 and was terminated on Sept. 30th 2013, 3 years after shipping the last G2 model that was affected.

Commercial goodwill, still active until the end of 2015: Owner of unconverted G2 models can order an upgrade kit at cost price in our online shop:

ARCHIVE: Regulation from 20.6.11 - 30.9.13: We will send a free set of clamping plates with new rubber coating, including tools and replacement instructions to every lineGrip G2 owner by mail. The upgrade is completed in 3-5 minutes and requires no special technical skill.

Shipping of the upgrade kits is done in the order in which the lineGrips were shipped. The first "commercial" lineGrip G2 (Serial 01a) has left our warehouse on Mai 10th 2010, the last one (Serial 02a) on Aug. 24th 2010. The last "Lend"-lineGrip G2 (Series 02a.2) was issued on Sept. 5th 2010 to clients for temporary usage with explicit restrictions, until exchange can occur.

Since it is a global replacement program for hundreds of rubber coatings, we ask for your patience. lineGrip owners who have received their device in May 2010 will be notified regarding expected exchange presumably by mid-July 2011.

The wait was worth it! Together with our rubber suppliers and through intensive collaboration with a renowned German rubber laboratory, we have succeeded to develop a sensational new compound (by the way, rubber compund number 28 since April 2010), which does not slip at all on polyester webbing in the full temperature range of -10°C to +40°C and up to 20kN tension. Also, the rubber can not peel off anymore, because it is directly vulcanized to the carrier plate (no glue!). This is THE definite and ultimate rubber compound, which now outperforms all the requirements without compromise. Despite this fact, the technical data mentioned in the safety regulations and restrictions of maximum tension ALWAYS apply for every device!


The upgrade kit

  • Spring-Ring pliers to remove the old spring-rings and attach the new ones.
  • Lower clamping jaw with G3-Type2 rubber coating
  • Upper clamping jaw with G3-Type2 rubber coating, two fastened bolts and a new connection cordelet.
  • Four spare spring-rings.

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