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lineGrip-Shell(TM) - Protective- & Cooling-Cover NEW!

In order to protect the valuable equipment during transport the lineGrip shipped with a leather protective pouch since maket launch in May 2010. But despite its high-class appearance, transport protection was the only function of this accessory.

After much tinkering, tireless collecting of concerns and suggestions of lineGrip users and countless experiments with different materials and shapes, we are now pleased with the result and finally proudly present:

The new lineGrip-Shell(TM)

Short demo video to show how the lineGrip-Shell is used.
The Shell is very versatile - more videos will follow in the next days... stay tuned :-)

Since January 2013 all lineGrips are shipped with the specially developed "lineGrip-Shell". The "Shell" is particularly characterized by its versatility. On the one hand, a transport protection, but on the other hand also a great help during setup, because it can be used as chafing protection, sun protector and even as active (!) cooling gadget...

1. Transport- and Chafing-Protection

The lineGrip-Shell is made of 4mm thick industrial felt. Wrapped around the lineGrip it protects it from damage during shocks and impacts on hard surfaces, as well as from scratches and damage caused by other components during transport in a backpack and during setup.

2. Sun Protection (Temperature regulation)

As explained in the temperature-load diagrams (see here) the rubber coating tends to slip more under hot conditions than at "normal" ambient temperature up to 25 ° C. In order to prevent heating up in the sun the lineGrip needs to be covered. This was usually done with a makeshift cover using a T-shirt or towel and is now inhertited by the new lineGrip-Shell. The Shell is compatible with all tensioning devices and it even has "Link" capability. It can be unfolded completely and thus is suited perfectly to wrap around a premounted lineGrip on the webbing that is already attached to a tensioning device. By simply opening the cord the Shell may later be easily pushed aside to quickly check up on your lineGrip during the tensioning process or for moving it on the webbing.

3. Active Cooling (Temperature REDUCTION!)

One of the big advantages of highly fibrous material such as felt is its extremely enlarged surface by millions of fibers. This gives it the property to dispense the contained moisture very quickly (evaporation). Evaporating liquid lowers the temperature of the originating material (in this case, the felt). Because the felt is in contact with the lineGrip, it absorbs its heat, and emits it with the evaporating water. This works in such a efficient manner that the temperature of a lineGrip of ambient temperature (i.e. 35 ° C) is decreased by an average of 9°C within an hour in the wet shell (in optimal conditions up to 12 ° C) - that is the lineGrip is then 9 ° cooler than the air temperature! This effect works for a wrapped lineGrip lying in the shadows (pre-cooling) or in the sun, attached to the longline during tensioning.

The video on the right shows how to moisten the Shell, because when its completely dry it then tends to repel water. But as soon as it is moist it will readily absorb water like a sponge.

lineGrip-Shell   lineGrip-Shell   lineGrip-Shell

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