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The slackPro! ratRelease

A stunningly simple, light and minimalistic de-tensioning and PRE-tensioning system for ratchet rigged slacklines.

It hardly takes up more space and weight than a standard load sling and its so safe and easy to use, you'll wonder why you had to do without before.

De-tensioning alone would be enough worth the money, but atop of that this system is also an amazing PRE-tensioning system. It gives you the ability to pretension slacklines up to 60m to a whopping 300kg (one person alone!) with the sole power of the ratRelease system! This will save you a lot of space on the ratchet spindle!

Available as upgrade system, kit with ratchet or included in any of our slackline sets in two different lengths with 6m and 9m strap (for 20-40m and 40-60m slacklines).

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- Measure of release strap: 48mm wide, 6m or 9m long
- Release distance: 40-60 or 60-90cm
- Recommended for Slackline length: 20-40 or 40-60m
- Breaking strength of hook: 50kN
- Breaking strength of entire wrapped system: 50kN
- Slipping threshold of wrapped strap (5 coils): 15-20kN
- Allowable slackline working load: 10kN
- Allowable peak load (i.e. when jumping): 15kN
- Total weight: 1000g

Biggest previous downside of really long ratchet lines
To make a long story short: the biggest downside of ratchet longlines is the unavoidable damage to the slackline every time it is released with the ratchet mechanism! The power and speed with which the line is ripped through the ratchet always damages the slackline more or less tragically. Also the risk of injury was quite high when handling the ratchet this way while releasing a high power 40-50m line.
With the ratRelease all these problems are solved. Its super safe, super easy and super fast and it avoids damage to the slackline completely. Also its virtually independent of the slacklines length.



Other downside of really long ratchet lines
Whenever tensioning longlines from 30m upwards, the problem always is the premature overflow of the ratchet spindle. Having a full spindle also decreases leverage significantly. So aside from the lack of space for more webbing you also have less power to tension.
Due to these limitations it was necessary to setup a 40m ratchet line in 1.5 to 1.8m height. 60m lines even higher at almost 2.5m... thats not everybodies favorite height to slackline ;-)
Luckily you can also easily PRE-tension slacklines up to 300kg with the ratRelease system (when pulling alone!), which enables you to tension a 50m line with 2 ratchets to a whopping 800kg easily (see video below).

  In this short demo clip I am tensioning a 40m neon-light longline with 2 ratchets to a final tension of 7,3kN (730kg)!

I start off using the ratRelease for pre-tensioning to about 270kg. Then I tension with the first ratchet to about 550kg and with the second one to 730kg... all this in less than 4 minutes.
After this, I de-tension the line with the ratRelease system to about 270kg and then finally release the system with the ratchet release mechanism. Because I de-tensioned first with ratRelease we only have 270kg tension left at this point. With this low tension the line does not suffer any damage anymore when released with the ratchet.

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