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Warnings and Dangers while using the slackBuck

Attention: Danger of Fracture when the line is 'back-threaded' in the slackBuck

The loose end of the line should under no circumstances be threaded through the slackBuck as in the picture below. This is an example of 'back--threading' and when the line has over 10kN tension, this puts a large amount of torque on the bars of the slackBuck, for which they were not designed. This torque can cause the slackBuck to break.

Damage of the Slackline by the buckling slackBuck after a load of 15kN with " back-threading" Drawing one .


Breaking danger of 'rotating' slackBuck!

From the so-called "rotating" of the slackBuck, that is, through release and tensioning, attaching the slackBuck that is "back-threaded" to an anchorpoint can cause it to break in the middle! It is not allowed to use the slackBuck as shown below over 10kN!

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